A Song of Spring to Come


Available on: April 14, 2024 at 12:00 am

An ambitious lady warrior. A corrupt family. A risky love affair.

Frustrated by the need for continual, unjust compromises, Tinsa Gaurjo has returned to work. Yet her Housemaster has set her a task for which she is ill-suited. Does he want her to fail—or does he trust her more than anyone else? She wishes she knew.

Luckily, this grim winter contains a few bright lights. Her goofy younger brother is preparing for a competition with one of his peers. And Tinsa is deep into a love affair with a man whose very presence in her life could ruin her ambitions. But is Biaili Erdai a villain with an ulterior motive, a loyal paramour—or just a distraction from everything she really wants?

As winter draws to an end—and matters with her House come to a head—she will have to face the terrible question all heroes who live long enough must face: how figure out her own, real-life happily-ever-after.

For Tinsa, it will all come down to the roll of the dice….


A SONG OF SPRING TO COME is the second half of “A Heroine’s Luck,” a high fantasy duology.