Hi, I'm Emma

I write high fantasy with pragmatic heroes who are likely to be diplomats, warriors, sorcerers, or some combination of the above. Some of my books are Complete With Shipwreck, The Interpreter’s Tale, You Made My Heart a Hunter, and Cold Sandwiches and All.

As a young writer, I was inspired by the action and heroism of C.S. Forester, the scope of Tolstoy, the scientific magic of Diane Duane, the romance of Catherine Asaro, the martial arts of Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan – and, above all, the diversity of human cultures featured in the anthropology textbooks textbooks I devoured in my teens. I also spent a lot of time conlanging.

In real life, I’m the owner/manager of a busy used and new bookstore in Seattle, WA. Naturally, I read a lot. You can find reviews of every book I read on my book review blogĀ This Space Intentionally Left Blank.

I also write Regency romances under a pseudonym. If you meet me in person I’ll tell you what it is. :)

Given my full-time job and two simultaneous writing careers, I am pretty much impossible to get a hold of anywhere but Patreon. The best way to stay up to date on my projects is by subscribing to my newsletter.