Magic alone cannot mend all the world’s flaws. Ordinary heroes and heroines must also rely on wit, swordplay, craft, faith, and friendship…and, sometimes, the beauty of a well-placed lie.

The stories of Direnayu span a thousand years and the rise and fall of two Empires.

The color of the banner on the cover shows which subseries the book belongs to, but since most of the books are interconnected standalones, there are a variety of places to start reading. This page has all your options.

Start with The Interpreter’s Tale if you’d like a fast-paced novel about court intrigue and communicating across cultural divides. Read more.

Start with You Made My Heart a Hunter if you’d like a sword-and-sorcery novella set on an intimate scale. Read more.

A Heroine's Luck

This duet is high fantasy set in a unique ancient world inspired by East Asia and the Iroquois Confederacy. It’s character-driven but fast-paced, with an ambitious, highly competent heroine who likes to have fun, a supportive possibly-villainous love interest who used to be a courtesan, fun side characters, a mystery investigation, political intrigue, and lots of flirting.

Start with A Winter of Fish and Favor if you’d like a fantasy mystery with an ambitious, kickass heroine and a forbidden love story. Read more.

Read A Song of Spring to Come after A Winter of Fish and Favor because together they make up the Heroine’s Luck duology and can’t be read out of order. Read more.

Read An Evening of Whispers and Wit either before or after the Heroine’s Luck duology, to experience a point of view that doesn’t appear in the main books. It’s available free to newsletter subscribers. Subscribe here to read it.

Sword and Scroll

This series is high fantasy set in a unique ancient world inspired by East Asia and the Iroquois Confederacy. The main book, Complete With Shipwreck, is a complete one-volume epic with fun characters, two villains, swashbuckling, court intrigue, family drama, flirting, and a low-key queer love story. And a shipwreck, obviously.

Start with The Umbrella Battle if you just want a fun taste of the world. It’s a prequel short story to Complete With Shipwreck and is available free to newsletter subscribers. Subscribe here to read it.

Start with Complete With Shipwreck if you’d like an everything-and-the-kitchen sink fantasy, with swordfights, magic, politics, family drama, a low-key love story, and complicated friendships. It’s a big, fun epic in one volume. Read more.

Read A Teapot for House Kadza after Complete With Shipwreck, because it’s a fluffy short story that isn’t intended to stand alone. Read more.

Start with The Goddess Heist if you’d like a fun adventure novella that can stand alone or be read after Complete With Shipwreck. Read more.

Start with The Quarrelsome Sapphists if you’d like a romance novella about some very quarrelsome young ladies (who appeared in Complete With Shipwreck as minor characters). Read more.



From the Condensed Encyclopædia Atlantidica, 1982 ed.:

ATLANTIDE. A nation of North America extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, bordered by Canada and México. In prehistory, the land was populated by a variety of human cultures, who by the time of first European contact in the 16th century had been largely driven north or south by the Fée people (themselves immigrants, see Tudhedhan). The territory had no name as a whole until given the name “Atlantide” by an anonymous Frenchman, after the mythical island discussed in dialogues of Plato. The nation itself declared sovereignty in 1663 under the leadership of Alexandre Phyestaiou (qv), the first Modern King….

Pride and Prejudice meets The West Wing in this romantic comedy set in an alternate, 1980’s America with Elves. Read more.

A fantasy romance novella set in the 1950’s about the parents of the hero in Cold Sandwiches and All. It can be read before or after the main book. Read more.

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