The Interpreter’s Tale: A Word With Too Many Meanings

Clashing Courts #1, a sword-and-sorcery/court intrigue novel

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Format: Ebook

He lives to facilitate understanding. But in this quest to forge a political agreement, any confusion could be fatal.

Military interpreter Eliadmaru Faraa has had a lifelong love affair with words. Habitually attuned to the delicate verbal subtext of those around him on the front line, the last thing the linguist wants to do is pick up a sword. But after he’s personally selected to accompany the Emperor’s nephew on a perilous trip to negotiate a high-stakes treaty, he suddenly has the fate of his people in his hands.

When their ploy to save the other realm’s princess works, Eliadmaru quickly finds himself caught in the complicated position of translating sweet nothings between the two royals. But as powerful players push their own insidious agendas, the wily wordsmith may be the only person who knows precisely what everyone desires…

With life, death, and love on the line, will Eliadmaru find the perfect expression to bring two realms together?

The Interpreter’s Tale: A Word with Too Many Meanings is an engaging standalone fantasy set in the Direnayu world. If you like clever characters, high-court intrigue, and a glimpse into a rarely seen side of magical settings, then you’ll adore E. M. Epps’s satisfying political tapestry.